Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Every Person

Every song has a meaning,
Every person has a dream,
Every maniac has a scheme
Every book has a page. 

Yet between all of these things
Lies the potential of here and there - 
The desire to meet and attain a goal
Achieve that which we do not expect. 

Of ourselves, we ask a lot. 
Bills need to be paid,
Cars need to be driven and fixed,
Rent needs to be paid. 

Of others, we ask even more.
Don't hurt me, 
Don't make me feel. 
Don't break my heart. 

It takes a lot to live life - 
Yet it's those that push the boundaries,
Test their limits and stay up late,
That truly live, and live well. 

I wish more people tried.
Tried to live and hope and dream - 
I know there are more creators out there. 
I know more people have dreamed. 

So why then do they deny themselves?
Why do we tell ourselves no,
When what we really want 
Is just a bit beyond our reach? 

Test yourself, push yourself.
Sometimes you'll find things
Are not quite what they seemed,
Not quite that far away. 

October 5, 2011

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