Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Between here and there

Between here and there lies a world, 
a plethora of places that I may never see. 
But between you and me, 
the only thing between here and there is 

I want to stand by your side,
See the world through your eyes. 
I wish every night that I didn't - 
Didn't feel this way, didn't want. 

Between here and there lies a desk, 
Wooden and painted all white. 
Keys of many types and fonts
Keep me from you. 

I want to stand in your shoes, 
See as you do. 
I wish every night I could - 
Could touch you, and feel you myself. 

Between here and there lies a wall,
A wall that I put up myself.
I wish every night it would break - 
Break down until there's nothing left. 

I want to see what you see,
And I want you to touch me,
Feel me the way I wish - 
Wish for silence, not sound, nor fears. 

Between here and there lies a bush,
Green and leafy as bushes should be. 
I can't break it down - 
Down to the bits and pieces it is. 

The truth is,
A grain of sand could lie between us
And that grain of sand would be an ocean. 
An ocean I can't cross. 

Without you on my mind,
In my heart and in my eyes,
I can't break down the wall, 
Nor the desk or bush. 

It seems like so little,
But to me, it's so much. 
Stop doing this to me - 
Stop forcing me to want. 

It's a sad, cruel world
That lies within my grasp,
Yet the only world I want
Is a whole world away. 

October 4, 2011

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